Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok so for my final documentary I'm going to focus on some interesting socio-economic aspects of Barcelona neighborhoods, inspired by the signs that say "Volum un Barri Digne" ("We want a decent neighborhood") and a squatter settlement near our residence. I have already started taking pictures and pan shots for the documentary although research is lagging behind due to other schoolwork. I would also really like to get an interview and use my skills from last semester's Creative Non-Fiction course. The trick is going to be figuring out who I can access and/or communicate with. I know enough Spanish to form some intelligent questions, but not necessarily enough to explain my purpose, make an appointment and accurately translate the response without some significant confusion. Hopefully my professor will be able to help me make a connection. I will have lots of time with her in the next week -- we're going to Berlin! -- so I'll be sure to ask.

I wonder what the length requirement is for this video. I'm not sure I've seen the assignment written out anywhere... any tips, Clammers? Sometimes i lose track of these things.


  1. The length of the video should be about 4-6min, so about 5min? That's what's been suggested, at least.
    I'll fill you in on the rest of the videos we had to watch since you couldn't access them. While on the plane to Berlin (*DANCING*)

  2. I look forward to seeing this! and I am in the same boat with communication, should be interesting :)

  3. What Patty, Yeah said... but you can argue for more time if your subject demands it. Sounds like a compelling social issues project!

    (What ideas do you have for the personal and professional projects?)